Architectural Sessions II: Quiet Architecture w/ Thomas Phifer & Gabriel Smith

In the second installment of AIA Peconic’s Architectural Sessions at the Parrish, host Maziar Behrooz is joined by Thomas Phifer, principal of Thomas Phifer and Partners, and Gabriel Smith, partner, for a conversation about the firm’s singular approach to architecture.

"We're into very quiet architecture," says Thomas Phifer. With forms that aim for permanence and simplicity, their buildings articulate an intense precision in both craft and concept. A singular vision is examined and expressed with clarity and deliberateness throughout their buildings, elevating every view, every space to an essential and timeless condition. In the firm’s current project, the expansion of the Glenstone Museum (anticipated to open in 2016), the changing patterns of nature play against the quiet permanence of forms.

This Session will examine how a practice like Phifer’s can maintain such focus and clarity of vision from a project’s conception to completion. What systems are in place to ensure that the in-house team can express a singular idea over time to the many parties and stakeholders involved in the creation of a building, and ultimately to the public at large?

Our new offices right in the Flat Iron district, NYC.

The Flat Iron district in NYC is absolutely one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. It was the first place I lived in when I first came to NYC to go to the Institute for Architecture & Urban Studies (to study with Diana Agrest, Mario Gandelsonas, Peter Frampton, Anthony Vidler and others); so it connects me with my first feelings about New York, the sheer momentum felt everyday walking to school, and my discovery of its unique architecture & urbanism, the deep set windows of pre-war buildings punched out of thick masonry facades, turning each street into an outdoor room.

So it is with great pleasure to now set up our New York offices on 20th street between 5th and 6th avenues at #36.

Please come visit.