Current collaborators:
Maziar Behrooz
Bruce Engel
Jee Won Kim
Carl Skelton
Brandon Ma
Marybeth Finegan

Past staff:
Travis Lydon
Jeanie Fan
John Veikos
Bruce Engel
Cordula Roser
Brandon Crispo
Anthony Hobson
Paul DuPlessis
Janice Pfund
Alan Barr

Project-based collaboration:
Bill Chaleff, Ben Chaleff
Baldassano: Alexander Badalamenti
Sam Keller
Reja Bakhshandegi
Terrain: Steve Tupu 

Present & past Interns:
Haotian Xu
Dasha Mikic
Joseph D'Arco
Levi Shaw-Faber
Danielle Lehmann
Amir Djahanbani
John Coyle
Shima Miabadi
Nadege Fourny
Gintare Masilionyte
David Elze
Brandi Eustice

Offsite visualization consultants:
Agustin Chifflet
Brandon Hicks
David Barth
Paul Domzal

Patrick McCafferty
Brian Stacy
John Lewndowski
Neill Woodger
GMS: Gary Steficek, Jeffrey Stratton
Fred Keith 
Robert Sillman Associates: Scott Hughes

Matthew Carbone
Mark Roskams
Adam Friedberg
Francine Fleischer
Maziar Behrooz
Dalton Portella
Lydia Gould Bessler
Kim Acee 

Integrated Design & Collaboration
We collaborate on a project basis with a cadre of colleagues and specialists, interns and architects-in-training. More and more with every project, we like to bring consultants to the table right from the start, ensuring an integrated design process where all participants contribute to the development of the project. This helps us maintain the project budget while achieving a high level of performance. Click here to work with us.