Home Review Magazine
Volume 10, Issue 8

August 2011

ArchDaily and over 4,000 design blogs publish the Arc House


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Container Studio featured as building of the week on World-Architects.
Container Studio featured on Dezeen, May 31, 2010....as well as apartmenttherapy.cominhabitat.comtreehugger.comnoticias.arq.com.mxmocoloco.comjetsongreen.com and hundreds of design, architecture & sustainability websites from around the world.
Container Studio featured on ArchDaily, May 19, 2010.
Container Studio featured on ArchNow, May 17, 2010.
Video segment of Container Studio and our client, Andrea Shapiro, on Babelgum.

Container Studio among featured projects on Architizer and displayed on its cover global map, May 14, 2010.
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