The Insta_House is a pre-fab,  two-story live/work space that can be erected on site in one week. It is available in three versions: studio, basic and full. For available models, please click here.

All in $99,800 .......see below for pricing and options.

Insta-House Front View

Insta_House Price Sheet

Insta_House Views

Winner AIA Peconic Design Award

The Insta_House* recycles four 40' by 8' shipping containers (two on top of two) to create a comfortable, high-ceiling, low cost alternative to conventional construction. The units are retrofitted in a factory-setting. delivered to locations within the continental US and erected in a week. 

Insta_House is the only pre-fab of its kind in the market: recycled material, high-ceiling, low-cost. It can provide multiple uses including art studio, living space, work-shop and relief housing.

Available models can be seen here:

For more pictures of one installation, please visit the Container Studio page or email us with your questions.
*Also known as Instahouse or Insta-House.